History meets Technology - Medicus

“Medicus” exhibit in the nearby Historical Museum of the Palatinate, experience everything the TECHNIK MUSEUM SPEYER has to offer, and spend the night at the Hotel Speyer am Technik Museum.

Our “History meets Technology - Medicus” package consists of one overnight stay (including breakfast) at the Hotel Speyer am Technik Museum, entry to the TECHNIK MUSEUM SPEYER, and admission to a film showing at the IMAX Dome Filmtheater. Admission to the national “Medicus” exhibit in the Historical Museum of the Palatinate in Speyer and a free city map are also included.

At the TECHNIK MUSEUM SPEYER, in addition to the largest aerospace in Europe, you can expect to discover a variety of vehicles such as motorbikes and vintage cars as well as thousands of other exhibits, including mechanical musical instruments, aeroplanes, and locomotives.


Please book this package directly through the hotel or the electronic reservation form. If you would like to purchase this package as a gift, vouchers are available in our online shop.

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