Short distances
for your event

The conference building is also located on the grounds of the Technik Museum Speyer. Here you will find rooms for your conference, seminars or lectures for up to 100 people.

Our colleagues from the events department look forward to your inquiry!


Porsche Salon

  • 16 people with parliament seating
  • 20 people with theater seating
  • 12 people with U-shaped seating
  • 14 people with conference seating

40 sqm on ground floor

Ferrari Salon

  • 24 people with parliament seating
  • 30 people with theater seating
  • 20 people with U-shaped seating
  • 20 people with conference seating

56 sqm on ground floor

Mercedes Salon

  •   70 people with parliament seating
  • 100 people with theater seating
  •   30 people with U-shaped seating
  •   30 people with conference seating

135 sqm on ground floor