Holiday Park Pfalz

At the Holiday Park Pfalz, excitement and fun are a guarantee – including in the new themed area “The Beach”, featuring two brand-new attractions, or on the “bigFM Expedition GeForce”.

The Holiday Park Pfalz in Hassloch is one of the most popular leisure parks in the region and offers a variety of themed areas for young and old on an area of over 40 hectares. In the 2017 season, the new “The Beach” area in particular will ensure plenty of driving excitement.

Beyond the borders of Pfalz, the park is mainly known for its “bigFM Expedition GeForce” attraction, which was opened in 2001 and on which visitors accelerate at up to 120km/h and experience phases of zero gravity or deceleration. In addition, Germany’s first fall tower (“Anubis”) as well as the first rapid river ride (“Donnerfluss”) was opened at Holiday Park Pfalz. Both of these attractions are some of the most popular in the park.

However, the Holiday Park Pfalz also has a few highlights to offer even the youngest children, above all “MajaLand”. Here, you will find many attractions that are completely designed in the style of the popular children’s series, including “Maja’s Blütensplash”, a round trip where you determine the height yourself, or “Willi’s Trip on a Float”, where children can begin a fun tour in little floats. Children will also be thrilled at the daily meet & greets with Maya the bee and her friends. All this means that the whole family is sure to get their money’s worth at Holiday Park Pfalz.

A number of special events from Maya’s Spring Party and the Magic Summer Nights to the spooky Halloween Fright Nights make the offer complete – guaranteeing unforgettable experiences!

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