The romantic university city of Heidelberg is an attractive location for an eventful excursion and is located just 30 minutes from Speyer by car. In addition to the world-famous Heidelberg Castle, the city has many more sights to behold.

The city of Heidelberg is one of the largest cities in the Rhine/Neckar district and as a former Palatinate capital primarily known for its picturesque old town and Heidelberg Castle. The castle ruins made from red sandstone are the landmark of the city and sit enthroned far above the bottom of the valley on the north face of the Königstuhl hill. In the historical streets of the Heidelberg old town and one of the most beautiful pedestrian zones in Europe, a lively student scene mixes with visitors to the city.

But that's not all. An especially popular feature with tourists from all over the world is the Philosopher’s Way, whose natural balcony offers an incredible view of the city and the surrounding countryside. Here, exotic plants, including Japanese Eriobotrya and American cypresses, Spanish gorse and Portuguese cherries, lemons, and pomegranate, bamboos, palms, and pines flourish.

Beyond the borders of the metropolitan region, Heidelberg is also known as Germany’s oldest university city. Even today, students of all disciplines from all over the world come to study in Heidelberg. The most renowned of these is Heidelberg University, which was founded in 1386. In numerous historical buildings in the old town, you will find the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Law classes. The Natural Sciences and Medicine department are mainly located on the new campus at Neuenheimer Feld.

The Heidelberger Zoo is another attraction in the city, which is a popular excursion destination, primarily for families with children. Here, both young and old can see the lions, pandas, monkeys, and elephants as well as many other animal species and watch them being fed several times a day. In the petting zoo, sheep and goats can also be experienced up close – fun for the whole family!

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