The City of Speyer

The hotel is located directly in the centre of Speyer, just a few minutes’ walk from the world-famous Imperial Cathedral. The Speyer Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most significant architectural monuments of the Romanesque period.

Other sights in Speyer are the Old Gate, the former main gate to the medieval city fortification, the Jewish quarter with the Jewish ritual bath, the Historical Museum of the Palatinate, where the cathedral treasures are displayed with the unique burial crowns from the Salian imperial graves in the Speyer Cathedral, the City Hall, the fish market, and many more.


The old town contains many romantic wine taverns, where you are more than welcome to linger a while. For those who want to experience the view of the cathedral and the old town, this unique experience can be enjoyed onboard one of the three passenger ships.


Tip: We recommend the “Sky High” package for overnight guests who wish to visit the Speyer Cathedral, the crypts with the historical imperial graves and imperial hall, as well as the viewing platform.

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